EMS, like anything in life has news, updates and information to be shared. While FOAMed has taken off as the main way to share clinical information and innovative thought, there is still a place for non-FOAMed websites and non-academic journal publications. Here are some of my favorite EMS resources:

  • EMS References– This is a website sponsored by FISDAP (the online EMS education tracking service). EMS References focuses on giving prehospital professionals around the world a platform to publish clinical content. It is a great way to see some of the information being pushed by industry thought leaders everywhere.
  • EMS1– EMS1 is an online EMS news and information site. The website covers topics like news, products, videos, training, job opportunities ad grants.
  • JEMS– JEMS is both a website and a print publication. This is another site/journal that goes over news, clinical information and trending industry topics.
  • Ambulance News Desk– Blog site focused on prehospital industry news (based out of the UK
  • EMS World– Print and online EMS publication focused on news, industry trends, gear, etc.