FOAMed is an incredible movement. It tore the walls down of conventional methods of disseminating knowledge and research within clinical medicine. It helped grow a more fluid conversation and gave clinicians a much more user friendly platform to share information.

If you are new to the concept of FOAMed, take a second and read the introductory article written on the blog Life in the Fast Lane. They do a much better job explaining what the movement is all about. That being said, the definition of FOAMed is in the name. FOAMed stands for Free Open Access Medical Education.

Traditionally, knowledge in medicine was shared through coursework, conferences and peer-reviewed journal articles. All three of these mechanisms cost the consumer money in exchange for the knowledge or information being presented. While FOAMed doesn’t replace primary research, accredited training courses and scientific conferences, it does provide a means for sharing this information like people would in normal day-to-day conversation.

FOAMed has it’s identity rooted in the forums of social media, podcasting and blogging. The idea is an educator can share their interpretation of a study, or share an evidence based clinical topic with the entire world with a click of a button. The FOAMed ecosystem is vast and filled with a lot of high quality information. It can be a bit overwhelming when setting foot into the space for the first time. Don’t let it intimidate you. Having involvement in the FOAMed world is an important part of positioning yourself as an informed paramedic. In addition, being a contributor can have a multitude of benefits including industry recognition, becoming a change agent and being approached for teaching opportunities.

To ease the burden of navigating the FOAMed ecosystem alone, The Paramedic Project has developed two resources: The Social Media Site page and this list of FOAMed sources (no particular order):

This list is nowhere near complete. As FOAMed is sourced from the collective community, I expect this page to be build up with your help! Head over to the contact page and get a site you love, or even your own site up on this page!