If you have seen one EMS system, you have seen one EMS system…

We have all heard the saying; and in many ways it is true. The prehospital industry is full of talented agencies, that approach patient care in unique ways. It could be influenced by regional challenges, or from how the program was set up. Either way, we can all learn from each other.

This is why The Paramedic Project is working to set up the Paramedic Exchange Network. The goal is to pair partnering agencies around the globe with paramedics from other regions to learn from one-another.

This program has 3 distinct phases before it launches:

  • First Phase – Develop partnerships with agencies from various regions of the world. Part of this is indexing the agency’s information, determining how often they can accommodate an observer, determine what paperwork would be necessary for a participant to do ride-alongs, identify additional educational opportunities for prospective participants.
  • Second Phase – Develop a curriculum and structure to the program. The goal would be to have participants end their experience with a project or presentation that would help educate other paramedics around the world. This allows others to benefit from the experiences of the participant.
  • Third Phase – Start building a wait-list of interested participants. This will help develop a head-count and gauge general interest in the program.

We are excited to get this off the ground. If you are an agency or paramedic that would be interested in supporting this initiative, please reach out to us via the Contact page today! Thanks so much and watch for updates in the near future!