• Remember, D50 and D10 are concentrations… NOT doses
  • The adult dose of D50 is 25 gm. The same amount is in a 250 ml bag of D10 (just more diluted)
  • To administer an adult dose of D10 attach the 250 ml bag to the IV port and let the D10 run in until the bag is empty.
  • Remember, the clinical goal is to get the patient’s BGL above 60 mg/dl and to appreciate an improvement in mental status. By giving D10 you may have the ability to get the BGL above 60 mg/dl in a more controlled fashion (not having the patient’s repeat BGL spike to 350 mg/dl after bolusing an amp of D50)
  • If you only have 100 ml bags of D10 (10 gm), you may need to give 2.5 bags to achieve the adult dose of 25 gm if the patient’s BGL does not improve after the initial bolus of 100 ml.

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